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Bikram Yoga Wimbledon –  The original Hot Yoga in South London.

Words cannot convey the value of yoga-it has to be experienced……..The Original hot yoga. Bikram’s beginning yoga series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in our hot room is for everybody, no matter your age, size, ability or experience. A dynamic, physically and spiritually energising practice, it improves strength, flexibility and toning, decreases stress levels and enhances body awareness… feel the purifying power of your sweat!


Take your health and well-being to the next level with this intense, challenging and powerful practice. The carefully constructed sequence combined with the heat rejuvenates and heals muscles, ligaments, tendons, glands and organs. The practice of holding asanas followed by savasana builds incredible mental strength, discipline, determination and stamina. Yoga is a great complement for any physical activity and can suit any body who is looking to reduce stress, breathe more fully and have a greater sense of freedom and being alive!


Practising yoga in the heat not only increases your flexibility but purifies the body through the skin via sweat, detoxifying muscles and organs. It will also ramp up your metabolism and ignite your energy. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, a calm mind and other side effects such as relieving aches and pains,  helping with injury recovery and longer leaner muscles. Addiction is expected but not compulsory!


Nutrition and yoga go hand in hand and so our juice bar is stocked with fresh ingredients to pump those nutrients back into your detoxed body to almost instantly feed nourishment to every cell and support your recovery.


Our changing rooms are spacious, contemporary and have the best showers in town…providing good vibes and cleanliness is a top priority. Air-conditioned throughout to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.


The studio has been perfectly designed to heat and humidify the room to an optimal 40 degrees C and is flooded with natural light, so you can truly nourish your body and mind (and have some time for yourself). The practice space is fitted throughout with hypo-allergenic flooring and we use Manduka PROlite mats, the most comfortable and hygienic mats out there.


We offer a newly expanded range of classes, by popular demand, which include; the traditional Bikram 90 minute class; an express 60 minute classes; Fierce Grace, Resonant Yoga, Vinyasa Flow. Candlelit and music enhanced classes; beginner introduction workshops and hands-on corrective posture clinics.


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